Communities complete revamped guide training course

Guides share stories at an old village site near Nubutautau

Eighteen guides from three of our partner villages undertook our revamped guide training course in April.

We deliver this tailored course every two years, with a first aid refresher course in the intervening year. In a change for 2019, we decided to take the course out of the village and onto the trails, so that guides could learn and hone their skills in a practical way on the very hikes where they take guests.

Over four days and three hikes, including climbing Fiji’s highest mountain, topics ranged from understanding tourist expectations, hike planning, and risk assessment, to group management, briefing and guide interpretation. And, for the first time, thanks to the Volunteer First Responders, we included various emergency scenarios enabling guides to put their first aid, problem-solving, and communication skills to the test.

We even found time as part of the guide training to watch a related movie each evening over a bowl of kava. It was a tricky choice, but Everest, 127 Hours, Free Solo… and Cool Runnings, seemed to fit the bill.

Practicing first aid skills in Nubutautau community hall