New kitchen facilities in Naga!

We love the food that the ladies in Naga village prepare for guests. Almost entirely sourced from the gardens surrounding the village, and always delicious. And now, Naga has new kitchen facilities and a shared social space for the ladies to come together to cook, which, like so much else in Fiji, is an opportunity to come together and talanoa.

The carpenter, Penaia Waqatabu, with the help of others in the village, worked for several weeks to build the stand-alone building from scratch.

Just days after it was finished, the kitchen received its first test. The CureKids Race to Survive 2018 rocked up with more than 100 mouths to feed, and everyone fuelling up for their hike the next day. The extra space worked perfectly with additional buffet tables laid out, enabling people to choose from the myriad of dishes before sitting at the ibe ni kana (eating mat) in the community hall.

Two other villages partnered with Talanoa Treks are also upgrading their cooking facilities to create similarly dedicated spaces, which will hopefully be ready for the 2019 hiking season starting in April.

The Cross Highland Hike and longer Full Monty both visit Naga village. Check out our 2019 schedule, book online or contact us with any questions.

Preparing food in the new kitchen