Making it happen every day

Happy International Women’s Day!

The theme this year is to “Make it Happen”. Adi Kaveni is definitely one of those women who makes things happen on a daily basis.

If you put a pin in the middle of a map of Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island, it will land on Nubutautau village. Their remoteness means that it is a place of beauty with a strong sense of community, but remoteness also brings its challenges.

We’re often passing through on treks but this Christmas we spent a few days in the community supporting four members tell their own stories using digital cameras and a laptop. This short film was scripted, filmed, narrated, and produced by Adi Kaveni and gives an insight into her life in Nubutautau. This International Women’s Day join us in celebrating women, their leadership and their resilience to the challenges they face.

Talanoa Treks visits Nubutautau village as part of its Cross-Highland Hike. Join us for the next Cross-Highland on April 24-27, come and spend longer in the village over Easter, 3-6 April or check out our trip calendar for future dates. For more information get in touch [email protected].