Epic Trails Fiji episode to premiere on 23 May

The Epic Trails Fiji episode is to premiere on Outside TV in the US on Wednesday 23 May, as part of the first season of the show.

“It’s been a long road to get here to bring you Season One, flying all over the world filming in some of the most spectacular locations on earth” said the host Eric Hanson, “Most of what we have shot has been under wraps for a long time. And it’s finally time to start unveiling our work.”

Epic Trails follows Eric on his adventure travels as he discovers the world’s top hiking and destinations. The exploration in Fiji takes viewers on a seven-day trek through the mountainous interior of Viti Levu, where Eric enjoys the natural warmth and hospitality of Fiji’s rural communities.

For the filming of the episode we combined our Full Monty trek (itself a combination of our Hit the Heights and Cross Highland Hike) with a climb of Mt Batilamu (a peak in our Three Peak Challenge).

We can’t wait to see this other side to Fiji, away from the beautiful beaches and reefs, showcased to a wider audience. Thanks to Eric and the hard work and talent of Lukasz Warzecha behind the lens, it’s going to be a great show.

The episode was supported by Tourism Fiji and Fiji Airways and was produced by Heliconia.

(Photo: Eric on Mt Batilamu during filming of the Epic Trails Fiji episode; photo credit – Lukasz Warzecha)