A special person’s special birthday

Many visitors who have travelled to Nubutautau over the years would have met Vilitati Rokovesa, or as he’s affectionately known, Mr Roko. It’s hard to believe when you see him out on the trail or on his farm, but he recently celebrated his 60th birthday, and sets an example for us all to follow.

Without Mr Roko’s prompting, support and guidance, it is unlikely that Talanoa Treks would exist. From exploring possible trails together, to guiding and sharing Nubutautau’s history, to supporting the village’s tourism committee, and caring for guests, Mr Roko has been there on every step of Talanoa Treks’ journey.

We wish him a very happy birthday, and look forward to many more years of hiking side by side on our journey together.

Mr Roko, vinaka vakalevu sara!