What makes a great guide?

This was one of the questions we discussed during a series of two-day guide training courses held in each of our partner communities, with around 80 people taking part altogether.

Our guide training course covers a wide range of topics from exploring visitor expectations and how these might differ to the expectations of hikers, to risk assessment, to group management, guide interpretation, and briefing. We run the course every two years as a refresher for the experienced guides and as part of the training for new guides.

This year we were excited to mix things up with sessions, led by Tevita Seruilumi, exploring how women in each of the communities can be supported to work as guides, and sessions on conservation and protecting the environment, led by local NGO NatureFiji-MareqetiViti.

This round of training also involved the experienced guides in each village taking the lead and passing on their skills and experience to the newer guides.

The guide training course alternates yearly with a first aid course to keeps guides’ skills fresh and up to date.

Now we’re looking forward to the start of our hiking season and showing people the hidden Fiji!