About Us


Talanoa Treks is Fiji’s only dedicated hiking company. It’s the product of friendships created over nearly a decade exploring Fiji’s remote interior and getting to know people living there.

Marita and Matt have lived in Fiji since 2006. In 2013, they established Walks and Trails (Fiji) Ltd, and after lots of discussion, fittingly decided to trade under the name Talanoa Treks. ‘Talanoa’ is the Fijian word for ‘discuss’, ‘talk’, or ‘tell stories’, and captures the idea that we’re about hiking, but we’re also about interacting, sharing, and finding out more about the vibrant culture lived by Fijians in more remote areas.

Our aim is to try and do tourism a little bit differently. Our treks are run in partnership with four rural communities and two locally owned and managed lodges to create a mix of great walking and authentic culture. These communities are why Talanoa Treks was created, and we work together to ensure that the treks are great for you and great for them.

Our single- and multi-day treks take hikers off the beaten track to experience the true heart of Fiji. We escape the beach and visit waterfalls, walk through forests, climb Fiji’s highest mountain, wade rivers, cross open grassland, and stay in remote villages.

We support the communities to provide trekking guides, host hikers and provide meals and accommodation. The land we walk on is their land, their vanua, to which they have an inalienable connection. We believe it’s only right for them to show guests where they live, farm, hunt and fish.

Along the way you’ll meet lots of personalities, whether it’s the guides that walk with you, the ladies that cook our meals, or the elders who’ll share kava with you. They each have their own stories and jokes, and are often as interested in you as you may be in them.

There’s rarely a bad question, so we encourage everyone to be inquisitive… you’ll probably only be here once!

Our treks can be enjoyed separately, but we recommend joining the 5-day Full Monty adventure and getting into the swing of things. They are scheduled throughout the year or tailored for groups on request.

Come and see the less seen Fiji!